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Real Medical Skin Care

Your online home for the best Skin Care and Plastic Surgery Recovery Products

One of the perks about being in the plastic surgery business is that you learn a lot about skin care. In the 30 years Dr. Reath has been in practice, we've tried just about everything out there in our efforts to provide the best, most effective products to our patients. RealMedicalSkinCare.com is the result of this research.

Rather than carry every product from every medical skin care line, we've limited our store to the best of the best- what our patients love and what we use ourselves. The plastic surgery recovery products and medical-grade vitamins are the ones our patients swear by to promote a speedy recovery. The Plastic Surgery Planner and Girlfriend's Guide to Breast Augmentation are helpful eBooks we've written for you to download free. But most of all, RealMedicalSkinCare.com is a group of real people, who work for a great plastic surgeon, and we're here to help.

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