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All about Antioxidants For Your Skinantioxidants-for-skin.jpg

Antioxidants remain one of our skin care essentials despite the fact that new age-erasing ingredients are always being introduced. Their highly proven track record of protecting, preventing, and yes, even reversing skin damage has earned them the title of "must-haves" in all of our skin care protocols.

You probably know that antioxidants ward off common signs of aging (fine lines, hyperpigmentation, brown spots) but did you know that they nurture the underlying support structure of the skin and promote healthy collagen growth? Once you understand how antioxidants work, you'll realize how beneficial they are for topical skin care and as a basis for your healthy diet.

Public Enemy #1: Free Radicals

Free radicals are unstable compounds that are missing an electron. Instead of playing nice, they attempt to steal one from healthy cells and tissues like DNA and collagen. This breakdown of collagen and elastin is what leads to lines and wrinkles, sun damage, dullness, age spots, uneven texture and ultimately to skin cancer.

Where Do Free Radicals Come From? Good question. Free radicals are created inside the body when oxygen is metabolized. Lack of sleep, stress and a poor diet cause oxidation of otherwise healthy cells which contributes to free radical formation. Sun, pollution, cigarette smoke and other chemicals exacerbate free radical formation in the body. This is what we mean when we talk about environmental damage to the skin.

Our Skin Care Hero: The Antioxidant

Antioxidants selflessly donate their own electrons to thieving free radicals forming a protective barrier around healthy cells and tissue. They not only counteract the oxidation and damage process, but in many cases they help reverse it. We are talking mainly about antioxidants for the skin, but you can see how beneficial it is to your overall health when you fuel your body with antioxidants every day. 

How Do You Find the Best Antioxidant Skin Care Product?

Antioxidants for your skin are not created equally. Just because a skin care product says it contains Vitamin C or Ferulic Acid, does not mean that it is in a form that will penetrate the skin to battle free radicals. Most formulations have molecules that are too large to pass through the skin's natural barriers. So they sit on top of the skin, useless, or even causing irritation to sensitive skin. Our medical grade antioxidants are chosen with care to insure that every precious antioxidant gets where it needs to go to battle the forces of free radical evil. Choose from these that are among the best of the best.




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