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  • Vitamedica Clinical Support for Surgery
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Clinical Support for Plastic Surgery Vitamins


Product Description

VitaMedica Clinical Support for Surgery Vitamins

Very few of our patients have surgery without taking these vitamins, that's how much we believe in them. These multi-vitamins are specifically designed for patients pre- and post-surgery, so they contain all of what you need and none of what you don’t. Start two-three weeks prior to surgery and continue
taking them two weeks after.

Take the AM tablets with breakfast and the PM tablets with dinner or before bed.


Herbs and Vitamins That Can Interfere with Plastic Surgery (and all other surgeries too!):

More people take some sort of multi-vitamin or herbal supplement but very few think to disclose their vitamins to their doctor and anesthesiologist prior to their surgery.After all, they're just vitamins, they don't count as a medication right? Wrong!

You may not have given much thought to this but herbs, and products that contain them, are packaged as nutritional supplements and will not provide warnings, dosage information or suggested usage instructions. As a result, many people incorrectly assume that a "natural" medicines are inherently safer than a pharmaceutical drug.

This is not only untrue; it's an assumption that can be dangerous if a person is facing any surgery, whether it's plastic surgery or not. Many people planning plastic surgery surgery fail to disclose their herbal supplement use out of fear of being ridiculed by their doctor. (Who would think that licorice could be dangerous?)The fact is, your doctors want and need to know what you are taking to ensure your safe recovery.

Here is a list of some commonly taken supplements that can interfere with your plastic surgery. How? Some cause post-surgical bleeding, worsen Inflammation, raise blood pressure or alter your sugar levels. The best advice is to quit all herbal supplements three weeks prior to your plastic surgery procedure. If in doubt, don't take it.

    Any Diet Pills or herb blends designed to control appetite
    Aspirin, Motrin, Advil or other blood thinners
    Vitamin E
    Fish oil
    Saw Palmetto
    St. John's Wort
    Valerian Root

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