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Eye Doctor


Product Description


Eye Doctor's packaging has just been redesigned with a pinpoint applicator instead of a wasteful pump.

Nobody Panic! It's the same size of the exact same product. Now it just comes in a tube with a different label. Just like with the old pump bottle, one tube should last at least 6-9 months.

Eye Doctor

We have never had a skin care product that inspires as much passion from our patients and staff as Results Rx Eye Doctor. (And Elle Magazine agrees. Eye Doctor won their Green Star Award for Best Eye Cream.) It's a favored child of our skin care family, the teacher's pet of our cosmetic classroom. Of course, you're never supposed to pick favorites, but in this case we just can't help ourselves.

One of our most discriminating patients started using Eye Doctor. She told us the very next day that she had "used every eye product out there including La Mer and she had never seen anything like the immediate results with Eye Doctor". Another patient said her competitive twin sister literally stole her Eye Doctor because she was "looking too much younger". 

We have lots of funny stories about Eye Doctor, but the day we ran out of it right before Christmas was not at all pretty. You would have thought it was the latest X-Box game.
So what exactly is Eye Doctor? It is a liquid crystal eye serum that plumps damaged, thinning skin around the eyes. The ultimate combination of AGP Complex (retinol) and cococin growth factors stimulate collagen and elastin formation to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The addition of copper complex provides potent strengthening power for the delicate eye tissue. (For those of us who don't speak fluent medicine, Eye Doctor encourages your skin to amp up its production of youthful collagen to fill in those persistent crow's feet.)

Did you know?  With Eye Doctor less is more. The teeniest, tiniest, smallest amount is what you use. When you put a drop of Eye Doctor on your finger you can actually see it double in size, which is how it plumps the skin around the eyes.


New and Cool

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