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Free Plastic Surgery eBooks


 Download our new eBook with 40-pages of everything you need to know about planning your plastic surgery and recovery including: 

  • Day of Surgery Do and Don'ts
  • Medications to Avoid Now!
  • Surgery Shopping List
  • The Emotional Roller Coaster
  • Sex After Plastic Surgery? Glad You asked 

In the Plastic Surgery Planner, we drill down into the nitty gritty of how to prepare for your plastic surgery, and what to do to recover well and quickly. These are best practices that we have learned throughout the years, mainly by listening to our patients, but also in some cases by having the procedures done ourselves. Whether you are having your surgery with Dr. Reath or another Board-certified plastic surgeon, we think you'll find these pages super-helpful.




Download our award-winning eBook A Girlfriend's Guide to Breast Augmentation with 38-pages of everything you need to know about breast augmentation including:


  • What to Look for in Before and After Photos
  • 8 Important Tips to Getting Your Size Right
  • The Great Cleavage Confusion
  • How to Know if You Will Need A Breast Lift
  • Are You Ready? Questions to Ask Yourself

These chapters about augmentation surgery are educational yet entertaining, plus some fun stuff to lighten things up!




Read the Breast Reconstruction Planner


If you or someone you know is having breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy, Dr. Reath and the Public Education Committee of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have designed this free resource just for you. You will find the Breast Reconstruction Planner to be an invaluable tool to guide you through the process.

The tips available in this guide are things that Board certified plastic surgeons have learned from taking care of other patients just like you. In fact, most of the best tips have come from other patients. We hope this guide helps you through this process and that you will share it with other women impacted by breast cancer.

To download the Breast Reconstruction Planner just copy this link into your browser:



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