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  • Our staff and their Hipsters.
  • Hips Sister Left Coast Black
  • If you would like a HipsSister that will hold a passport, you'll want the global model.

Hipster Left Coast 5"


Product Description

If you've ever wished there was an easy way to carry your essentials with you while keeping your hands free, you are going to love the slimming Hips Sister, or Hipster, as we fondly call it. hip-sister-logo.png

The "Hipster" is a slimming compression belt with zippers and pockets to carry all of your valuables securely.

It is made of the same material as your yoga pants and stays firmly in place while you hike, bike or jog. We fit our phone, car key, hotel room key/credit card, some cash, along with our lip gloss, easy peasy. 

There is a zipper in the front, along with a front loading top pocket, and a zipper in the back. Your phone will fit in either zippered pocket if you want to stow it, or you can put it vertically in the top pocket for easy access.

Seriously, this is the coolest thing we've seen in a long time. Dr. Reath's wife bought one to take on a hike, loved it and knew we had to carry them in our store for our patients. They are perfect if you like to exercise. Patients who shouldn't be carrying around heavy purses following surgery will find them a life-saver. 

No more carrying your phone in your bra, girlfriend. Why didn't we think of this first?!

The Left Coast Hips Sister is 5 inches wide. If you want more compression, have had a tummy tuck or would like to be able to carry more with you, including your passport, you'll prefer the Global style which is 7 inches wide.




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