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Medical Vitamins

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All the vitamins we carry in our store are from Vitamedica, a company that only uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients, as opposed to the "dietary supplement" ingredients and labs you find on the shelves of your grocery store. These drug standards have a higher level of scrutiny compared with those used in the dietary supplement industry. Each of their facilities is routinely inspected by the FDA. If you are interested, we have a document on file which certifies their authenticity.

Since inception, all of their products including the vitamins for plastic surgery, have been made in two facilities that are licensed to produce drugs, using manufacturing practices that parallel those adopted by the drug industry. That’s why we offer their products to our patients.

Many of our patients liked their surgical vitamins so much that they asked us how to get more of Vitamedica's vitamins after their surgery. So we decided to carry their line of everyday vitamins.


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