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  • Vitamin D Complex

Vitamin D Complex


Product Description

New! Vitamin D, peptides and antioxidants in one non-irritating, hydrating day cream.

This is the first product we've seen with a topical dose of Vitamin D, which plays an integral role in the skin's protection and rejuvenation. Previously there have only been 3 sources of Vitamin D- sunlight, diet and supplements. 

Aging, sunscreen and melanin all diminish the capacity of the skin to produce Vitamin D. It's a real conundrum because the regular use of sunscreen, which is so important, causes many people to find themselves low on Vitamin D.

In addition to providing an essential dose of Vitamins D, C and E, Vitamin D Complex contains hyaluronic acid to help restore a healthy barrier to the skin. 

It's great for sensitive skin. Patients with dermatitis, eczema and rosacea will be find it's easily tolerated and amazed at the improvement in their skin after just a few days use.


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